Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bell Craft - 2 Year Old Approved

My two year old is super excited about Christmas this year and thinks that bells are the coolest.

I'm not sure if I'd exactly call this a craft since it hardly took any work or creativity but my two year old thought it was awesome. We bought some bells from our local Hobby Lobby and strung them on elastic cord. Viola! Done! A fun little Christmas craft for my crazy two year old to run around with!

Patchwork Tote Bag

I love how this turned out! The picture's a bit foggy...I took it with my Iphone. The colors are actually quite vibrant. I used a charm pack of Woodland Bloom by Moda. It's so pretty! I'm a bit tote bag obsessed right now since I'm new to sewing and they're super easy.

This tote was a bit trickier than the others I've made since the patchwork was a bit stretchier. It was a challenge to get it to fit nicely with the lining. It's my good from far, far from good bag. The one improvement from the other basic totes I've made is I used interfacing with this one. It gave it such wonderful structure!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've been terrible at this!

I'm so inspired by all of my fellow crafters with incredible blogs to really start blogging. I've been terrible. It's almost been an entire year since I've posted anything!!! I'm a newly obsessed sewer so I'll have to start posting some of my latest projects. Especially before baby number 2 arrives in May. More to come soon...